Millbank Studios is a farm house come recording studio situated 3 miles outside Lisburn City centre. Operating initially as a private studio, run by James Lyttle and Michael Mormecha, and gradually opening its doors to a wide range of artists and bands (see Clients) over the past 5 years.

With it’s uniquely situated area and it’s homely vibe, it makes for the perfect place to really lose yourself, concentrate but feel relaxed as you work – which we can honestly say is half the battle when you come to recording your music. To have the benefits of a commercial studio but to make yourself at home in the studio is something we strive to have for everyone who comes through the doors.

“With coming from a band and writers background, I understand the desire of how someone wants their song to sound and always aim to get there no matter what it takes.” Michael Mormecha

“Making the artist comfortable in the studio environment can be just as important picking the right microphone. In Millbank we do our utmost to ensure that all conditions are right to get the best results from the session.” James Lyttle






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